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about Iconic and Vintage

Iconic and Vintage is an online, convenient and streamlined method of acquiring quality vintage, iconic, modern pre loved and collectable goods. Whether you are a seller, buyer, business or service, this advertising portal and trading directory can assist you to view, sell, fix and buy treasure.

The process is simple. As a seller you will Register for free and then pay a listing fee to Iconic and Vintage by credit card payment (Please see 'Listing Rates'). Potential buyers view the listings and if interested in your item they will then contact you via email or phone only in order for you both to arrange a 'meet and sell'.

It is important to us that this is an efficient and pleasurable experience for you and so we have outlined some rules and tips and strongly recommend that you read through the following information as well as the Terms and Conditions of this site.

Registration is free and our strict Privacy Policy and systems ensure that your personal details are not made known to other parties using this site or passed on to other businesses or services.

We will soon be implementing a Message Board for members to post details of items that they wish to source but are having difficulty in finding as we believe that there is much buried treasure out there that is waiting to be discovered!