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Fake or counterfeit items are strictly not permitted on this site, we feel strongly about protecting the rights of IP Rights Holders and we oppose the trade of fake goods.

Unfortunately counterfeit goods are very prevalent and sometimes very difficult to distinguish compared to the genuine article. We strongly advise that you thoroughly research your item in regard to authenticity and pricing before you buy and please contact us immediately if you are suspicious that this violation of rules may be being attempted.

Many people and children in poor countries are employed in the assembly of fake designer goods. Often subjected to appalling working conditions many are paid very poorly or not paid at all. This form of trade has also been linked in some cases to people trafficking which includes the trafficking of children. Iconic and Vintage will not tolerate the sale of fake designer goods on our site and we will do everything in our power to discourage the availabilty of these goods in this way. Please contact us immediately if you suspect a seller is selling counterfeit goods through this website.

Feel free to ask the seller questions that relate directly to the item and also enquire as to the history, proof of purchase or if there are any authenticity documents or records of the item.

Please refer to our Term's and Conditions for more informaton.