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advice for BUYING

Many trading websites like ours do not encourage the use of money transfer services as safe methods of payment to a seller and we agree that it would be safer to avoid them. It is important to negotiate with the seller the form of payment that you both agree on before you meet to buy. A good tip here is to print out your email correspondence detailing your mutually agreed method and take it with you when you meet to purchase your item/s.

making a PAYMENT

If you are making an electronic payment to the seller we strongly advise that you use a well-known and reputable financial institution, which offers financial and anti-fraud protection, privacy in regard to personal details with the ability to trace or refund if problems arise. Some financial services such as Paypal and Paymate used in this way transfer funds immediately, which means that there could be little delay in your item being posted to you.

If a seller has stated that they will deliver the item to you and they would like to be paid for this service, make sure that in your email it is stated that you both agree on this additional cost and if applicable whether the item will be insured in transport and who by. Printing out this agreed information to take to the meeting place is advisable.

advice for SELLING

No offensive or defamatory language should be included in your ad. As stated in the Terms and Conditions, any offensive language included in your ad will result in the listing being deleted with no prospect of refunding your fee. Confusing abbreviations, unclear details and a bad use of grammar could cost you a sale and so take time to ensure that your selling information is clear and understandable.

Including misleading or deceptive information about your item in your ad is unfair to our customers and will ultimately not make you a sale. Sadly scams and fraudulent behaviour online are occasionally a reality and so we encourage any customer who has been deceived in some way or that believe that attempts to scam them have taken place to contact us immediately. If you discover or are suspicious of a scam or any fraudulent behaviour then we also advise that you to contact the police.

We have a list of items that are strictly prohibited on this site. Please see this list in Terms and Conditions. Any of these banned items that have been listed on this site will be deleted with no prospect of refunding the listing fee.

Your ad must not include any personal information such as full name, home phone numbers or addresses. Again, if this breach occurs your listing will be deleted from this site.

Do not send your item to the buyer until you have received full payment.

When you list your ad and photos, state if you are willing to deliver the item to the buyer (on occasion this can prove very successful as a selling point to some one with a lack of appropriate transport and so can make your item more appealing). If you want to charge for delivery, please clearly state this on your ad.

Your photos of your item/s need to be clear and in good light and preferably taken from a variety of angles. Ensure that other objects are not in view to prevent confusion to the viewer.

The selling price must be clearly stated in the 'selling price' field only and not include any other words such as POA or price on application.

Feel free to ask the seller as many relevant questions as you need to before you arrange a meeting/organise shipment and request to see more photos if you feel that you need to in order to make an informed decision about purchasing items from a seller.

If any of the rules or regulations of this site are not respected and adhered to, the administrator reserves the right to withdraw the ad in question without refunding the listing fee.