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How can I keep myself safe when buying an item in person?
The best way to buy an item and exchange money is face to face (ensuring that a friend is with you and that you only communicate relevant needed information to the seller). We also recommend that you initially mutually agree on the price, form of payment, delivery etc. Print this information out and take it with you. For more informantion please see our Buying & Selling section.

Do I need to adjust my browser for this site? The site is designed to work best in Ie6, Ie7, Firefox 3 and Safari 4.

What username and password should I use?
Your username will be your email address used on the account. Your password needs to be at least 6 characters using a combination of letters and numbers.

Can I use this site if I am under 18 years old?
Under 18's are not permitted to use this website.

Do I have to register to become a seller?
Yes you will need to register with the site. Its an easy process that only takes a couple of minutes.

Can I list an item as soon as I have registered?
Yes, as soon as you have registered you will be able to list your ad, there is no waiting/approval time.

How safe are my registration details on this site?
Your details are very secure and will not be shared in any way on this site.

What size should my photos be to load on this site?
Please make sure that all images you upload are smaller than 1MB in file size.

How can I change my registration details?
Please go to your profile in 'Manage Account' and simply follow the prompts to change your details.

Are my credit card details safe?
Yes, they are not stored on the site at all. They are passed directly from the site to our third party payment provider (Eway) via a secure connection. Not record of your details are kept on file once your order has been processed.