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The cost of placing an ad changes depending on the sale price of your item. See below for details on the various costs:

  • Items $150 and under $0
  • Items $150 - $1000 $9.95
  • Items $1000 - $5000 $19.95
  • Items $5000 - $10000 $29.95
  • Items $10000 and over $49.95

Want to change your sale price after your ad is live?

If you have listed an item for a sale price that you later think is too expensive or need to change, you will need to email and request the price is changed. We will respond promptly.

With this in mind, please be sure of the price you wish to state on your ad and take your time to ensure that it's being advertised for the appropriate amount.

Please see additional information regarding add changes in Terms and Conditions, 'Listing Particulars'.